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St Claire Of Cedar Rapids chords - Hangdogs

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‘St. Claire of Cedar Rapids’
Probably Written by Matthew Grimm
Performed by The Hangdogs
‘Beware of Dog’ album

Intro  G D C C

She[G]plays guitar in Czech town open[D]mic nights at the tavern
Sings[C]country songs that no one’s heard since 40 years[G]ago
She[G]smiles back at the awestruck boys who[D]stare up from the darkness
She’ll[C]even smile some later when she[D]tells em thank you[G]no

She[D]married him at 24 in[C]1987
Separ[D]ated by[C]89
Aw[G]hell she says, it wasn’t really[D]even him no more
Still she[C]drives to Independence just to[D]visit him some[G]times


St.[Em]Claire of cedar rapids[D]only does what anybody[C]would
Does any[G]body walk this[D]earth in angel’s[C]grace
St.[Em]Claire of cedar rapids[D]I’d come unto you upon my[C]knees
If[G]only you would[D]kiss my sins[G]away

She[G]walks to work alone each[D]day down by the river
She[C]tells herself a poem she once read or maybe[G]wrote
To[G]say that all the birds and bugs stop[D]chirpin just to listen
As[C]if it were a song sung by an[D]angel flyin’[G]low

Works a[D]job for the insurance says she[C]won’t quit or divorce him
Till the[D]state says he don’T[C]need it anymore
[G]Some nights after just enough[D] Old Weller she might tell you
She[C]wonders what the hell god put her[D]on this planet[G]for

Repeat chorus

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