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Long Day Coming chords - Hal Ketchum

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Hal Ketchum Sheet music
                "Long Day Coming" written by Hal Kethum and Gary Burr
as performed by Hal Kethum on the album "Past the Point of Rescue"
Brought to you by Mike Schweisthal []

Chords used:  D:XX0232  G:320003  A:X02220  C:X32010

Notes:  There is some intro/instrumental stuff in this song, but I don't 
know how it goes, so I've just included the chords...Sometimes it sounds 
good to make some of the chords at the end of the verses tacet (only 
strum once)...try it and see what you think--Mike

                   D                            G        D
   CHORUS:  Close your eyes, you've got a long day coming
              G            D                               A
   Your mama will be calling, that old rooster will crow
          D                            G        D
   Close your eyes, you've got a long day coming
              G                D         A          D
   You should have been sleeping a long time ago
  D                          G           D                     A
There are certain things in life...that do not go the way we plan them
  D                     G      C            G            A
There are mysteries to're too young to understand them
  G                         D
These are not tears, just smoke in my eyes
Smoke from the bridges I'm burning tonight
  D                         G            D                      A
Guess it's time to say goodnight...I've sung you every song I know
 D                           G     C         G             A
Let me stand and watch you dream...One more time before I go
   G                          D
Tomorrow you'll wake up and you'll wonder why
There's so many miles between you and I

Hal Ketchum ChordsHal Ketchum Lyrics

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