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Thats What I Get chords - Hal Ketchum

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A                 D
Ain't got no place that I call home
A                        E
I'm just a drifter with a razor and comb
A                  D
Every night another cheap hotel
A                          E
Guess you could say I ain't doing to well

Fm          A   Fm             A
Thats what I get  thats what I get (chord missing in first line???)CHORUS
D         A         D     A
Thats what I get for losen you
Thats what I get thats what I get
Thats what I get for losen you

Somebody stole my whatch and chain
Didn't notice wasn't feeling no pain
All I got left is a picture of you
It's kinda faded and torn in two


D              A
Love is foolish and love ain't fare (BRIDGE)
E                    A
When you need it it's never there
D                   A
If you think love is so sweet and kind
B                  E
Come and see me at  closen time

How did I get here I don't know
I had it all till I let you go
I know love will never be the same
Got nobody but myself to blame


How did I get here I don't know
I had it all till I let you go
I know love will never be the same
Got nobody but myself to blame


(Anyone have anything by Charlie Major that they would like to share??)

"..if it were only the story of my life I think I would not
tell it; for what is one man that he should make much of his
winters...many other men have lived and shall live that story,
to be grass upon the hills." -BLACK ELK


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