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Stay Forever chords - Hal Ketchum

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Hal Ketchum Sheet music
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Stay Forever
Words & Music by Benmont Tench and Hal Ketchum
Recorded by Hal Ketchum
Slowly, Capo 1st fret

Am7  Em7  C  G/B  A7  D7sus  G  Gsus

        G(9)     Em7             C             D7sus
Maybe I pray too much, maybe I'm wasting God's time
           G(9)     Em7                  C         D7sus
Living without your touch, is driving me out of my mind
       A7          Em7             C         G/B
If you could only see how much you matter to me,
      A7        D7sus    G(9)     D7sus
Maybe you would stay forever

        G(9)     Em7              C        D7sus
Maybe I care too much, maybe I'll push you away
          G(9)    Em7              C       D7sus
Maybe I'd have my doubts if I were in your place
            A7       Em7                C        G/B
And if you could see inside this aching heart of mine
      A7        D7sus    G(9)
Maybe you would stay forever

F                         G       F                              G
  You don't have to go on living,   with your back against the wall
Dm7                           Cm7  C       G/B     Am7    D7sus
  Let my lovin' arms surround you, I won't let you fall

Verse 3:
And if you would trust in me, and this love of mine
We'll sail an endless sea, under a starry sky
And when the cold wind blows, we'll hold each other close
Maybe you will stay forever.

Verse 4:
And when the cold wind blows, we'll hold each other close
Maybe you will stay forever.

Am7:  x02010      G/B:    x2003x     Gsus:  3x0013
Em7:  022030      D7sus:  xx0213     G(9):  3x0203
Dm7:  xx0211      Cmaj7:  x32000     

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