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No Easy Road chords - Hal Ketchum

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Hal Ketchum Sheet music
                Intro: G     D7    C    D7 
             G                 G7 
I don't know where, don't know when, 
              C           Cm                    
This road I'm on is gonna end. 
It's been my friend, it's been my sin, 
My next of kin. 
          G               G7 
Travelled high, travelled low, 
           C                     Cm  
Rain still falls, the wind still blows. 
               G                    D7 
One thing I've learned, one thing I know, 
               C G/B Am7  G 
There ain't no ea---s---y road. 
Am7 G/B       C 
No  roots, no ties, 
No rings, no wives. 
   Cm/Eb             Cm 
No alibis, no crying eyes. 
No one to care, 
If I'm not there. 
               C G/B Am7 G 
There ain't no ea--s--y  road. 
Verse 2 
         G                 G7 
Spent my life just running round, 
        C             Cm 
Another girl, another town. 
The sun comes up as  I touch down,  
Nowhere bound. 
       G                G7 
Had my chance a time or two 
       C                 Cm 
Almost cried when I left you 
               G                    D7 
One thing I've learned, one thing I know, 
               C G/B Am7 G 
There ain't no e--as--y  road 
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Hal Ketchum ChordsHal Ketchum Lyrics

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