Has Been chords - Stoney Larue

Stoney Larue Lyrics

            Listen to the live version on you tube to get a feel for the finger picking and timing
There is a walk that stoney does from the Am going to C to FM7 Its important to get the walk down to have it sound right

Capo 5


Am, C to FM7 X 2

Verse 1
C            FM7     G
Well You got pretty shoes

C             FM7       G
Those on the run, they come in two's

Am                      C         FM7
running like they've got nothing to lose

C                FM7       G
and time doesn't ever go slow

C FM7 G it doesn't ever tell you which way its gonna roll Am C FM7 cause nothings ever really set in stone Chorus Dm G Dm G Has Been, Ive Tried it before im gonna try it again Dm G Am C FM7 Has been, and wont you give me one more chance Am C FM7 and wont you give me one more dance Verse 2 Wont you send lady luck my way She got stuck there was nothing to say Its a long fall from the top of my game strings they came untied they faded away the more I tried Im not the kind to just run and hide Im not gonna lose whats left inside....of this Chorus Guitar solo Chorus Am C G And wont you give me one more chance Finger pick the outro of Am walk to C to FM7