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The Reaper chords - Stoney Larue

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                Basic Chord Progression. Easy song and sounds good picking around strings E-G, muting 
throughout. The harmonic at the end of verses is on the 5th fret-D,G.
      G 	  	        G 	   G 	       G 	  	 
If I live my whole life choosing not to believe
G 	  	   G 	  	  	 G 	  	  G
Would you hear my lonesome cry when the reaper comes for me?
 	 F 	  	     C 	  	       G
If my wicked ways condemn me to a life of hell
 	  F 	  	  	 C 	  	  	       G
Well the angels dance in circles when they ring the final bell

    G 	  	 G 	      G 	             G 	 
If I walked the straight and narrow would I be a better man
 	 G 	  	 G 	      G 	              G 	 
Take my home off of the highway be home with you instead
 	  	  F 	     C 	  	  	  G
Wouldn't have to cry no more wondering where I am
 	      F 	  	  	  C 	  	   	       G
Yeah no more endless nights alone with your face down in your hands
 	 F 	  	 C 	        F    C  (HammerC) G 	 
No more endless nights alone with your face down in your hands

     G                      G                    G
Some people try to warn me, some stood in my way
    	 G                                   G   	  	  	     G
Wasn't one word that could change me, not a damn word they could say
 	  	  	   F             C 	  	    G
But I think I'm where I'm supposed to be I can see that now
 	   F 	  	     C                           G
Don't you worry for me mama, just took awhile to figure how
 	   F 	  	  	        F     C(HammerC) G
Don't you worry for me mama, just took awhile to figure how

-Swing hard in case you hit it..... 

Stoney Larue ChordsStoney Larue Lyrics

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Larue Stoney
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