Shot Full Of Holes chords - Stoney Larue

Stoney Larue Lyrics

            Intro Chords:
F  C  G   F  C  G
Am          Am/B    C              G 
He?s twenty one and jealous of the shadow outside the fence 
      C              G                               D  
Got a bible from his cellmate he?s seachin? for a 2nd chance 
Am         Am/B   C                          G  
Hopes than he can make it outside before his little girl learns to talk 
C                   G                           C               D       
Hopes he can get it all figured out? before the judge says that he can walk 
                  Em        C              G 
Cause it?s hotwired, too tired from bein? who he?s been 
Em         C                    G               D 
Car theft, what?s left he ain?t ever goin? back again 
         C     C/B   G    C        C/B          G    
He ain?t never goin? back to tie himself to the whippin? pole 
    F                         C                                     G 
His American dream?s like the county line sign that he shot full of holes      
And 2-4 don?t seem like much till you?re stuck in an 8X10 
He felt guilty damn near all his life and much more now than then 
He wrote a letter to Jesus last night and he nailed it up to the cross Yeah he?s free in his heart but at night in the dark, you know the man he?s still the boss Chorus He walked through the gate last Thursday and headed on into town What did he see but a Cadillac there with all it?s windows down Chorus 2: And it?s broke down, hands down,and it's back to who he was No change it seems strange, it ain?t ever been push or shove And now he?s goin? back to tie himself to the whippin? pole And his American dream the county sign that he shot full of holes