Tie My Boat chords - Stoney Larue

Stoney Larue Lyrics

Won't you tie my boat 
     C            G 
To a tree on your island 
I just might stay here awhile 
Cause the weather has been rough 
        C               G 
And the travelin's been rocky 
                 D                G 
But you calm the waters with your smile 
         G                   C 
So I was driftin' out on the ocean 
         G         D 
I was so scared so alone 
       G              Em 
Then I saw you on the horizon 
 G                D            G 
Lord I knew that I was comin' home 
Solo I've been knocked down by some big waves And it left me soakin' wet So let me dry out on your beaches Lord I ain't gonna give up just yet Till You: Chorus