Bobby Darwin's Daughter chords - Tracy Lawrence

Tracy Lawrence Lyrics

            Bobby Darwin's Daughter
Written by Larry Boone, Paul Nelson & Rick Huckaby
Recorded by Tracy Lawrence

(Capo on 1)

Intro.:  (C) x 8 bars

(C) Bobby Darwin's daughter looks up from the bible
   she's been reading to the clock on her dirty wall of a double wide, it's (F)3 a.m.
Her (C)husband's on the town shooting pool or fooling 'round,
   or all of the above it doesn't matter anymore, she can't get (Dm) through to him (Em)
(F)Seems like only yesterday they were married in a chapel,
   candlelight the whole nine yards, honeymoon in Vegas, (G) they (C)settled down
Now it's (Dm)lonely nights (G) and hungry kids
(Dm)She just keeps on looking for the (G)life that's not the life she's living now (C)

(Dm)Bobby Darwin's daughter (G)used to ask her father
   where (C)Santa Clause and (C/E)babies and (F)God came from
And (Dm)as she's gotten older (G)all those easy answers
   are (C)somewhere between (C/E)here and king-(F)dom come
And (Am)in her darkest hours, (G)Bobby Darwin's daughter (C)wishes she could (C/E)go back when (F)
   she'd ask where (Ab+)god came from (G) instead of wondering where he's been (C)

(C)Bobby Darwin's daughter dropping off the kids driving home in the pouring rain sudden skid and just like that she's (F)clinging to her life Her (C)husband rushes in the tiny room and through his tears whispers, "I love you, baby please, don't leave me now, you're my only life" He (F)bows his head and prays aloud, "This one thing I promise, if I could get just one more chance to be the man, I should have been (G) I'll be (C)that man" She a-(Dm)wakens to (G) another world, (Dm)stares into his grateful eyes of (G)love, she smiles at him, he takes her hand (C) (Chorus) (Dm)Bobby Darwin's daughter (G)used to ask her father where (C)Santa Clause and (C/E)babies and (F)God came from And (Dm)as she's gotten older (G)all those easy answers are (C)somewhere between (C/E)here and king-(F)dom come And (Am)in her darkest hours, (G)Bobby Darwin's daughter (C)never saw till (C/E)now that she (F)was wrong about where (Ab+)God came from (G) and that he's been here all along (C) Outro.: Hmmm (C) ---repeat to fade

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