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Dreamsome chords by Shelby Lynne

Shelby Lynne Chords

(written by Shelby Lynne, Dorothy Overstreet and Jay Joyce)

CM7        { x  3  5  4  5  x }
FM7omit3   { x  x  3  5  5  x }
FM7        { x  x  3  5  5  5 }
DM11       { 10 x  10 10 8  x }
EM7        { x  7  9  7  8  7 }

(chords by poli)

Cm7 FM7omit3 (2x)

Cm7         FM7omit3   Cm7         Fm7(omit3)
In the dark I can hear you whisper
Cm7            FM7omit3    Cm7         Fm7
shadows still, move across the distance

Em7          Fm7       Cm7  Fm7
What did you say, it's okay
Cm7            FM7omit3
Did you miss me
Cm7            FM7omit3
Did you miss me

Make it mine, takin' time, forgotten
speak for me, silent plea, surrender

Em7                 DM11
You know at times I wondered
if you ever thought of me
and I wondered if you wanted to be free like me,
Em7             DM11
and I needed to feel you and
  Em7                            FM7omit3
I wondered did you miss me baby, oh yeah

Turn to gray, bluer shade, when the sun comes
Peaceful time, cease your mind, Dreamsome

What did you say, it's okay, oh baby
Did you miss me
Did you miss me
Did you miss me
Did you miss me

Shelby Lynne ChordsShelby Lynne Lyrics

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