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Sleep chords - Shelby Lynne

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                Capo on 3rd

(D)Sleep. Come on in.                     
(G)I would like for you to spend the (D)night with me.
(D)Sleep. Where you been. 
(G)I have surely missed you since (D)you?ve been gone.
(A)I have walked the dirt and seen the (G) clouds in the sky and
seen them (D)different in the daytime.
(A)It hurts my eyes to close them cause they (G)only close to blink away the (D)tears that I cry.

(D)Sleep. Be my friend.
(G)I could use a close one to remind me how to (D) live again.
(D)Sleep. Make it end.
(G)Let me rest and lie beside my (D) tired old bones and hold me.
(A)Sing to me a lullaby on (G)hopes of shutting down these eyes and (D)close out the world.
(A)Force me to dream so I?ll (G) know I?ve slept and shelter me from (D)daylights creeping fingers.

(D) Sleep. Please appear.
(G)Show to me your face and tell me (D) it?s ok to rest.
(D)Sleep. Help me try, 
(G)To put my body down on pillows (D) made out of my Mama?s womb.
(A)Satisfy my eagerness for (G) comfort in this time of worry (D)let me let it go.
(A)When I?m sure the lights are out and (G)sandman throws himself about
I?ll (D)trust you again.

(D)Sleep. Say my prayers.
(G)Asking for a place that looks like (D) all the nighttime fantasies.
(D)Sleep. Are you here?
(G)Are you real and am I snuggling (D) down tonight?

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