Old #7 chords - Shelby Lynne

Shelby Lynne Lyrics

            Old #7
By Shelby Lynne

        E             B7          E
Are you here, are you gone, was I dreaming after all
    A                            E
Now tell me, is it too early for drinking
      E               B7           E             
Was I dreaming, was I lying, was I just here sitting crying
      F#                       B7
Now I know, you will never go away

    E        E7
But baby, oh baby
    A                F# 
I'm going, yes going crazy
       E                  B7
Please help me, make it a double
Old #7

Has your new love gone away, did you skip out on the pain
Were you hungry for the unknown kind of love Was it perfect, yes it was, you just didn't stay because You were weary that I might be what you need Chorus Bridge: A E Did you happen to forget I would die if you left me A E B7 Did you cease to recall any love for me at all Chorus