Long Hard Road chords - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band Lyrics

            key of d 

D                              G           D
way back in my memory theres a seen that i recall
     A                            D
of a little run-down cabin in the woods
                                       G                    D
where my daddy never promised that our blue moon would turn gold
       A                               D
but he lay awake nights wishin that it would
                                     G               D
when the world was on our radio hard work was on our minds
   A                             D 
we lived our day to day in plain dirt fashion
                                       G                    D 
with ole overalls and cotton balls all strapped across your back
        A                                D
man its hard to make believe aint nothin wrong

    Bm                            G        
But momma kept the bible read and daddy kept our family fed
    D                                A
And somewhere in between i must have grown 
Bm G cause someday i was dreamin that a song that i was singin D A takes me down the road to where i wanna go G A D now i know, its along hard road *(fiddle instrumantal 4 counts)* VERSE 2: D G D sometimes i remember when i stay up late at night A D when the sun-up came we got up and went G D in the shadows of a working day our moon-light hours spent A D singin songs along with grandmas radio G D now ive beaten down an old black-top road sleepin in a sack A D living in my memories all in vain G D cause those city lights aint all that bright compared to what its like A D to see lightnin bugs go dancin in the rain CHORUS 2: Bm momma played the guitar then G and daddy made the saw-blade bend D A and rain drops played the tin roof like a drum Bm G but i just kept on dreamin that a song that i was singin D A takes me down the road to where my name is known G A D now ive gone, and its along hard road Bm A D yes i know, its a long hard road [Thanks to Dusty Collins for tabs]