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I Dreamed Of A Hillbilly Heaven chords by Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton Chords

I Dreamed Of Hillbilly Heaven
Written by Hal Sothern & Eddie Dean
Recorded by Dolly Parton

(Capo on 2)

Intro.:  | (Em) (F#) | (G) (A) ---

I (D)dreamed I was (F#)there in (G)hillbilly (D)heaven
Oh, what a (A)beautiful (D)sight!
And I (D)met all the (F#)stars in (G)hillbilly (D)heaven
Oh, what a (A)star-spangled (D)night!

Last night, I (D)dreamed I went to hillbilly (F#)heaven
And just as I arrived, the (G)old curtain lifted
And there on (D)stage stood, who else, but (Bm)Roy Aikcuff and Tex (Em)Ritter!
They said, "Well, how you (A)doing? Come on in here, I know there's some folks you wanna see!

Over (D)there's our newest member, your old (F#)friend Conway Twitty! Say (G)hello, darlin'!
And there's (D)gentlemen Jim Reeves, singin' with Heaven's choir
Roger Miller, he just (A)got here, he's making everybody (D)laugh
'Course you know Roy Orbison(A) can sing just as high as anybody (D)here

And Ernest Tubb can (F#)sing as low!
And Patsy Cline, (G)well, bet she's the best singin' angel (D)here
And Dottie West is probably the prettiest
There's the old pea-(A)picker, Ernie Ford, Jimmy Rodgers, (D)George Morgan, Hank Williams

And the wanderin' boy, Web (D)Pierce, the old honky-tonker himself (F#)Lefty Frizzell
My goodness, (G)what a group!
(D)Would you just listen to Mother Mabel
(Bm)Over there pickin' the wildwood (Em)flower with the angel band?
(A)You know I personally think she's just about God's favorite

And (D)Marty Robbins
Well, (F#)he's still gettin' more encores than (G)anybody else up here 
just like he (D)used to down on earth, 
Yeah, well, there's Elvis
(A)They still call him the King but we know (D)they're not talking about the real king up here!"

I (D)dreamed I was (F#)there in (G)hillbilly (D)heaven
Oh, what a (A)star-studded (D)night!

Then I ask Roy and Tex, I said, (D)"Well, who do you think will be showin' up,
(F#)say, within the next 40, 50, 60-(G)years?"
They handed me a (D)big tally-book and, in it, (Bm)I saw names like Johnny Cash, 
(Em)George Jones, Merle (A)Haggard, Don Gibson, Mel Tillis, Farren Young, Kitty Wells

Some of the newer ones (D)like Vince Gill and Garth (F#)Brooks
'Course they talked about (G)Minnie Pearl, the Judds, Tanya Tucker, Reba McIntyre, Hank Jr.
Oh, of course, Buck Owens, Roy Rodgers, Gene Altry, Randy Travis, and Willie Nelson, there's old Chet!
I said, "Well, (A)where's Porter Wagoner's name?"
Oh, there it is!
And then there was Loretta Lynn, and Tammy Wynette, and Dolly Parton! (gasp)
That's when I woke up!

I (D)dreamed I was (F#)there in (G)hillbilly (D)heaven
Oh, what a (A)beautiful (D)sight!
And I (D)met all the (F#)stars in (G)hillbilly (D)heaven
Oh, what a (A)star-spangled (D)night!

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