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Travelin' Thru chords - Dolly Parton

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Dolly Parton Sheet music
                Intro - C-C-F-C C-C-(G-F)-C x2 (listen for timing)

C                                             F                C
Well I can't tell you where I'm going, I'm not sure of where I've been
C                                    G        F      C
But I know I must keep travelin' till my road comes to an end
C                                    F            C 
I'm out here on my journey, trying to make the most of it
C                                    G     F  C
I'm a puzzle, I must figure out where all my pieces fit

        Am          G              F             C
Like a poor wayfaring stranger that they speak about in song
   Am          G             F               C
I'm just a weary pilgrim trying to find what feels like home
         Am            G           C             F
Where that is no one can tell me, am I doomed to ever roam?
         C                   F                 G  F C
I'm just travelin', travelin', travelin', I'm just travelin' on

C                     F          C
Questions I have many, answers but a few
C                                           F                C
But we're here to learn, the spirit burns, to know the greater truth
C                                      F          C
We've all been crucified and they nailed Jesus to the tree
C                                   G     F    C
And when I'm born again, you're gonna see a change in me

   Am           G        F            C
God made me for a reason and nothing is in vain
   Am             G              F            G
Redemption comes in many shapes with many kinds of pain
        Am             G               C            F
Oh sweet Jesus if you're listening, keep me ever close to you
        C                 F               G   F   C
As I'm stumblin', tumblin', wonderin', as I'm travelin' thru

C                                                F        C
I'm just travelin', travelin', travelin', I'm just travelin' thru
C                                                F        C
I'm just travelin', travelin', travelin', I'm just travelin' thru

C                                       F          C
Oh sometimes the road is rugged, and it's hard to travel on
C                                  F            C
But holdin' to each other, we don't have to walk alone
C                               F            C
When everything is broken, we can mend it if we try
C                                       G   F    C
We can make a world of difference, if we want to we can fly

Am           G          F                C
Goodbye little children, goodnight you handsome men
   Am             G           F             C
Farewell to all you ladies and to all who knew me when
     Am               G                  C              F
And I hope I'll see you down the road, you meant more than I knew
C                              F                 G  F   C
As I was travelin', travelin', travelin', travelin', travelin' thru

C                                                F    C
I'm just travelin', travelin', travelin', I'm just travelin'
C                               F              C
Drifting like a floating boat and roaming like the wind
C                             F        C
Oh give me some direction lord, let me lean on you
C                           G  F   C
As I'm travelin', travelin', travelin', thru

C                                                    F     C
I'm just travelin', travelin', travelin', I'm just travelin' thru
C                                                    F    C
I'm just travelin', travelin', travelin', I'm just travelin' thru

         Am           G                F            C
Like the poor wayfaring stranger that they speak about in song
   Am           G               F           G
I'm just a weary pilgrim trying to find my own way home
        Am             G                F           C
Oh sweet Jesus if you're out there, keep me ever close to you
                                                G  F   C
As I'm travelin', travelin', travelin', as I'm travelin' thru 

C to Fade 

Dolly Parton ChordsDolly Parton Lyrics

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