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All I Wanted chords - River Train

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                All I Wanted
River Train

Capo I - all chords relative

Intro:  D

Verse 1:
         D                         G
She left everything behind but the Bible by her bed
    D                               A
The pages, they were torn, they were tear soked and red
        D                          G    
And her mother's father had marked all his favorite parts
        D                                   A              D
And she planned to keep on driving 'til she knew 'em all by heart

Verse 2:
With a little bit of gas, she was looking for Boston
And it wasn't long before she stopped to call him, saying
Tell me that you're doing fine, about to get me off your mind
Or make me turn this car around

    G        A        D  (walk dn.) Bm
And judge me not lest you     be    judged
G                       A                  
  All I wanted was your time
    G       A          D  (walk dn.) Bm
And do unto me as I've done   unto   you
G           A              D
  And we'll get along just fine

Instrumental:  D        G        D         A
               D        G        D    A    D

Verse 3:
And Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned
But the most exquisite sin that I've ever known
Is the way she paints her face when the day turns into night
And the eyes that she gives me when I've done everything right


Instrumental:   D        G        D    A    D

Repeat Verse 1


      G       A          D  (walk dn.) Bm
Yeah, do unto me as I've done   unto   you
G           A              D
  And we'll get along just fine

Instrumental to end:  D   G  A   D 

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