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Black Or White chords - River Train

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                Black Or White
River Train

Intro:  G    D   C(walk-down-to)G    (2x)

Verse 1:
G              D               Cadd9           G
  Daddy played football out at Southwest Texas State
G               D                     Cadd9                G
  Momma was the homecoming queen, you know that she looked great
G            D                 Cadd9   G
  Small town wedding, but they had 500 there
G              D                Cadd9                    G
  Momma looked so good drivin' away with the bows in her hair

Repeat Intro

Verse 2:
Daddy got a job as a football coach in Mason town
Momma, she finished up school, and you know she helped Daddy out
Couple of years later, started workin' on a family
They loaded up everything they had and they moved into the city

Cadd9   D               G                   Cadd9
It's all black and white running through my mind tonight 
      D              G
It's all in what you see
Cadd9          D        G               Cadd9
  You can make anything, make damn near anything
        D                    G
Anything what you want it to be

Repeat Intro

Verse 3:
Had a buddy back in High School, he was always on the top
His feet hit the real world, he didn't like everything he got
One night with a loaded gun, he went away to another place
Guess you never really can tell by the look on someone's face


Repeat Intro

Verse 3:
Had another buddy who was quarterback of the high school football team
But black ice outside of Amarillo washed away his dreams
He can't walk or run no more, but when you look into his eyes
I'll show you someone who just learned how to fly


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River Train
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