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The Lights chords - River Train

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                The Lights
River Train

Capo 4, all chords relative

C7 var. 1: x32303

NOTE: this chord's name will make a lot of people think that 
this chord is automatically hard, but really it's just a B7 that
you slide up one fret - just make the B7 (x21202), slide all of 
your fingers up one fret, and muffle the B string if you don't want 
that extra "B" note in the chord (the "B" note sounds a little 
funny in the song, but if you played the C7 var. 1 with the "B" 
string open instead of muffled, it really isn't a huge difference...
in fact, I think the recording of the song is actually played with 
the "B" string open, not muffled...)just remember, make the B7 
and slide all of your fingers up one fret...please feel free to 
pic of myself playing the chord and upload it to the message boards 
or to your email so you can see for yourself...Basically, the chord 
is C7, but without the first fret covered on the "B" string...

Intro Tab:  

e|--*3-------*3-----------(3)-----(3)-----(3)-----(3)--| | 
B|---0--------0-----------(0)-----(0)-----(0)-----(0)--| | 
A|---x-------------------------------------------------| |
E| at 3----- at 3--------------------------------------------| | 
Repeat once (play a total of twice), then play

A| at 3----- at 3--------------------------------------------|
E|-----------------------------------------------------| once, and then

    G                 D               G                       
E| at 3----- at 3---------------------------3-----0--1--2--3-|
* = play this note with your pinky
 at  = play this note with your middle finger
^ = play with your index (pointer) finger
+ = play with your ring finger
& = start first verse on this note
notes in ( ) = background rhythm chords played 
Listen to the soundbyte to hear an example of how it sounds...

Verse 1:
G                          B7
Went a little crazy, oh, I did a little dumb
C                       D     
Had me some stupid and I smoked a little fun
        G                    B7
Yeah, I did a little nuts, I went a little far
C                          D          G  -  C7 var.1   -   B7   Em...
    But I'm on my way back home

    B7          Em  
But oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, 
B7          C7var.1  B7       Em
   somebody turned   out the lights

Verse 2:
Where did I put it?  Oh, it seems to be misplaced
Where could it have gone, oh, it left without a trace
Where could it be, it couldn't be too far,
But I know I'll never find it in the backseat of my car


Verse 3:
Well, eight broke my heart, Lord, seven made my nights
Six made me crazy, oh, five was out of sight
Four was my best friend, oh, three, that was fun
Two was just a fling, but one I love

Chorus (3x) 

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River Train
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