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Doin' O.k. chords - River Train

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                Doin' O.K.
River Train

Intro:  G   Cadd9-G   G  D-G   G   Cadd9-G   G   D...
        G   Cadd9-G   G  D-G   G   Cadd9-G   G   D...

Verse 1:
G                       Cadd9
 Call me crazy, but it's mine to choose
G                             D
 I ain't got nothin', but it's mine to lose
G                      Cadd9
 And I'm doin' alright, leavin' town tonight
G       D               G
 Oh, Lordy, I'm doin' alright

Verse 2:
My closest friend is a 6-string guitar
I make my livin' in old honky-tonks and bars
Well I'm doin' fine, trying not to lose my mind
Oh, Lordy, I'm doin' just fine

And if these old tires could talk
Oh, the stories they would tell
About the miles I have seen on the
C              D...    
    Highway to hell...

Instrumental (repeat second half of intro)

Verse 3:
It might be a sin, I don't really care
Hidin' from the Devil, Lord, and running from my fears
I'm doin' okay, ain't nothing gonna stand in my way
Oh, Lordy, I'm doin' okay


Repeat Instrumental (second half of intro...), HOLD THE LAST "D" 4 BEATS LONGER THAN BEFORE...


Repeat Instrumental 

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River Train
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