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Love On Arrival chords

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            Love On Arrival (LOA)
Dan Seals

Intro:  B

I just had to call, babe, I got your letter
And I understood almost every line
You said TLC is what you miss from me
You want back in my arms PDQ
F#                                  E
Ooh, I love this game, them three letters by your name
LOA, what does that say

(N.C)     B
She said, Oh baby it’s so simple
Did not mean to make it hard to understand
I’ve been gone so long,
B Want you to know I miss my man, oh yes I do F# E and that message for you tells you what I’m gonna do B When I get home, Oh yeah Chorus: B LOA (love on arrival) B For you (love on arrival) B LOA is what I’m gonna give to you E I’ve been countin’ the days B I’ve been lonely, I’ve been blue (love on arrival)for you (love on arrival) F# And now after all this time, E I’ve got lovin’ on my mind B LOA (love on arrival) for you Verse: I said “oh baby, I do love you” And I’m always amazed the way we feel And I TGIF I thank God I found you when I did, yes I do Them three letters by your name, I will give you just the same When you get home, oh yes I will Chorus Bridge: E D B I don’t need no confirmation B D E Got it right here in my hand E Don’t need no more translation F B F# E You done spelled out in words that I can understand B LOA, ooh ooh ooh ooh ohh, LOA Chorus And now after all this time I’ve got lovin’ on my mind LOA