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Water Under The Bridge chords - Dan Seals

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                Water Under The Bridge
Written by Bruce Burch & J.P. McMeans
Recorded by Dan Seals

(No Capo)

For the (C)first time in a (Am)long time I (F)saw her last (Em)night
I (F)stood face to (Em)face with the (Dm)love of my (G)life
She (C)laughed, and I (Am)smiled, and we (F)talked for a (Em)while
I (F)held her (Em)close as I (Dm)told her good-(G)bye

She said, "I'm (F)sorry I (G)hurt you the (G#dim)way that I (Am)did"
And (Dm)I said, "Don't (Am)worry.... (Dm) (G)

(Chorus 1)
"It's just (F)water under the (Em)bridge, (F) tears that I've already (Em)cried." (F)
(F#m)I couldn't (F)tell her my (Em)love never (F)died
It's just water under the (Em)bridge (F)
The (Dm)river just (G)never runs (C)dry

You can (C)never go back, (Am) it's been (F)said many times (Em)
But (F)I've never left (Em) in my (Dm)heart and my mind (G)
Though (C)I've done my (Am)best to go (F)on with my (Em)life
Those (Dm)memories never (Em)stop flowing (G)by

(Chorus 2)
Just like (F)water under the (Em)bridge, (F) tears that I've already (Em)cried (F)
(F#m)I'll never tell (F) her my (Em)love never died (F)
It's just water under the (Em)bridge (F)
The (Dm)river just (G)never runs (C)dry

No, you (Am)can't stop those (Em)feelings that (Bb)flow deep inside (Am) (F)
Just like water under the (Em)bridge, (F) the (Dm)river (G)just never runs (C)dry

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