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Rock County Wilsons chords - Dan Seals

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Song was performed by Dan Seals  On the: Rage On Album... I ,Arthur
Russell transcribed itI am tryin to give something back.... Have a nice
day  The song goes:

                    Rock County Wilsonâs          Done by Dan Seals

Capo on 2nd fret                                          G  Em   C  D
| G walk to E

G                                             Em
It seems like overnight, the town of Red River
            C                                   G
Was suddenly full of strange men
Who wore suits in the summer
           G                            D
And stood on the dirt roads,  trying to hold their maps in the wind
            G                              Em
And some of them smiled, and some of them didnât
          C                                      D
And none of them came back again
          G                          Em
After 5 generations of Rock County Wilsonâs
D                                                                   G
The last 50 acres, apparently they didnât, mean a damn thing to them
C                                     G
I stood on the hill, overlooking Red River, where my momma and her momma
G                                D
And listened to the growling of the big diesel cat, as they tore up the
woodâs where I played
Em                               C                     D
And I said Momma forgive me, but Iâm almost glad, that youâre not here
         G                           Em
After 5 generations of Rock County Wilsonâs
see the last 50 acres in the hands of somebody that would actually blow
it away
           G                                          Em
You know the Bus station, in the town of Red River
  C                                  G
Used to be the general store.
G                             D
But now they got a new one. And you know thatâs ok, if a bus is what
youâre looking for
Em                     C                            D
So early one morning, When the sun becomes red, I got up with the dawn
         G                          Em
After 5 generations of Rock County Wilsonâs
D                                                G
The last one just climbed on a big gray dog···.And was gone····

Strum only: \ with refrain:   G   Em   C   D  G  Em  C   D  G      End
with a slow strum

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