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My Old Yellow Car chords - Dan Seals

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My Old Yellow Car Sheet music
My Old Yellow Car - Dan Seals

Capo 3

    C               G            C               F
She weren't much to look at, she weren't much to ride 
        Am        F             D         G
She was missing a window on her passenger side 
    C              G               C         F  
The floorboard was patched up with paper and tar 
      Am         F               G          C
But I really was something in my old yellow car 

An American boy with his hands on the wheel 
Of a dream that was made of American steel 
Though the seats had the smell of a nickel cigar 
I really was something in my old yellow car 

F              G       Am         F     
Somewhere in a pile of rubber and steel 
          Am        C           D     G
There's a rusty old shell of an automobile 
       F             G      Am       F
And if engines could run on desire alone 
     C                       G          C
That old yellow car would be driving me home 

There's the spot where poor Billy threw up in his date 
And where Larry and Sandy could no longer wait 
There was no road too winding and no where too far 
With two bucks of gas and my old yellow car 

Take a look at me now throwing money around 
I'm paying somebody to drive me downtown 
Got a Mercedes Benz with a TV and bar 
And God I wish I was driving my old yellow car 

God I wish I was driving my old yellow car 

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