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Hidden Track chords by Shooter Jennings

Shooter Jennings Chords

Verse 1:
C                      F           C
The dying day paints a portrait of sadness
Am           G         F
Up upon this lonely LA tear
F              Em            Dm            C
Have I found a home in this prison of my own
G            F          G
Trapped in a borderline career

Verse 2:
But there she sits in a store on 13th street
Walking a borderline of her own
Is she ever gonna know the way that I see her
When she walks into a room

Chorus 1:
        F           C           F                           G
And I'm not exactly happy about all of the things that I've done
     F                        C                           Am                F
I've made some mistakes and I know that I'm young and I'm sorry if I hurt anyone
        F                  C                 F                         G
Well of all the things I'm proud of, and the places I've found in the sun
    Am                 C                     F                C
The way I find myself loving her is the best thing I've ever done

Verse 3:
God knows its hard to let someone new in
When you're still looking for a sign
And the harder it sits, the older I get
But the taste is as sweet as wine

Verse 4:
So come with me, skate across the dancefloor
As I sing my song for you
But if you let go, I want you to know
That I'm saving my dance for you

Chorus 2:
And I know I've climbed some mountains that I probably never should have climbed
I feel like falling farther and hit bottom harder that I've ever reasoned or rhymed
But if I only had a way to show her how deep my heartach runs
And the way I find myself loving her is the best thing I've ever done

Chorus 3:
And if anyone had ever told me I would love anyone this way
I probably would have never listened, but now I'm here and I have to say
That you only make me stronger, I've never been more proud of anyone
And the way I find myself loving you is the best thing I've ever done


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