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Little White Lines chords - Shooter Jennings

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Shooter Jennings Sheet music
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Shooter Jennings
Title-Little White Lines
Album-Electric Rodeo
tabbed by-snakebite404

You can also play this during the song during most of the D's in the verses. Listen to the song to know when to play it.

 A   -----------------0----3--------------0--3--
 D   ---0----3----0---------- 0---3---0---------

If you'd like you can also play Cadd9 instead of C. It's actually a little easier.

D             G           C        D
I got a problem seems I could use your advice 
   D                                 G           C             D
Of all the things I need the most and went and got myself a brand new vice 
     D             D                       G     C  D
The first time that I did it I did it till the mornin' sun came 
                 G                      C             C    G    D
And now those little white lines, little white lines gonna sizzle up my brain 

    D                G         C         D
I woke up this mornin' didn't recognize my own face 
         D                                G          C        D
I was lookin' thin and pale, boys, with little lines all over the place 
             D                    G       C         D
Sometimes I wake up with my woman sometimes another man's girl 
               G                        C               C   
And all those little white lines, little white lines gonna set fire 
   G         D
to my whole world 


G                          G
Little white lines on the highway 
             G                G                 D
Ill pick you up if you're goin' my way and you wanna roll 
           G                      G
All those little white lines pullin' me down the highway 
      G                    G                  A
Its a dusty, bumpy road if you're goin my way 

Got myself in a little mess got busted down around Abilene 
I was goin' way to fast boys feelin' lonesome, on'ry and mean 
That judge said: Shave your face boy I'm kickin' you down the line 
Now those little white lines, little white lines got me doin 20 years of hard time 

Oh no! Take me back to the way it was now boy! 

Repeat Chorus 

Yes Sir 
Oh yes Sir 
Yes Sir 
No I haven't been drinking tonight 
Oh my wife's license I think I left them in my other pants 
These pills are for my back... I have a bad back. 
You want me to what? I aint getting out of this car 
You want me to take what? What if I refuse 
Ah Man you want me to shave my what? 
Oh Hell not this again 
Hey man these cuffs are a little too tight. 

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Shooter Jennings

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