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Between Lust And Watching T.v. chords - Cal Smith

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                               Between Lust and Watching T.V.

                  (Cal Smith)-----(1974)

The life that I’m seeking 
Is not in this bar where I’m sitting 

But it’s sure ain’t at home 
Where the one that I’m married to’s knitting 

Happiness may not be here drinking beer, 
Feeling it go to my head 

But it ain’t back at home where she’s putting in curlers 
     D                       G
And rollers and dressing for bed 

What I’m looking for ain’t the blonde 
In the corner who’s winking 

And it sure ain’t my wife
Who's devoted her life to dumb thinking 

Happiness surely still lives in this world 
And somewhere it’s waiting for me 
And I’m know that it must be some-where between lust
                  D        G
And sitting home watching TV 

C      (Chouus)
Somewhere between Playboy magazine 
And next Tuesday night’s PTA 
Somewhere between a honky-tonk queen 
     G                    D
And what all the dog did today 

      G     (Chorus)
If a wife and a lover could be one of the same
        C                         G
what a beautiful world this would be 
And there would be us somewhere between lust 
And sitting home watching TV 

My wife’s a good cook but a man can’t exist on just bread 
And what I’m hungry for is the one thing I ain’t being fed 
I haven’t been shopping but there’s lot of bargains 
Walking through town tempting me 
And a body could rust on a diet of lust 
And sitting home watching TV 

  Repeat Chorus


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