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Tabernacle Tom chords - Cal Smith

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                G                               C                      G
The Youngstown tabernacle stood amongst some giant oak trees
Just outside of Youngstown in eastern Tennessee
    G                                   C
The bell would toll each Sunday for the Youngstown folks to come
                                          D7         G
The man who made the church bell ring was tabernacle Tom
                                       C              G
The Youngstown people said old Tom was touched in his mind
He mowed the lawn and cleaned the church and never charged a dime
     G                           C                G
They said he was a lonely man no friend or kin or wife
                                     D7          G
And to serve Gods tabernacle was his only aim in life
                             C       G
But ol' tabernacle Tom had a song to sing
Ol' tabernacle Tom had a bell to ring
G                    C         G
Tabernacle Tom had a job to be done
                                                 D7         G
Thank God the world's been blessed with men like tabernacle Tom
                                     C              G
One day the news like wild fire went racing through Youngstown
They said ol' crazy Tom had burned the tabernacle down
       G                            C               G
So the sheriff went and got him and took him off to jail
                                           D7                G
The Youngstown Christian Soldiers said ol' Tom was bound for hell
                                             C                 G
Sunday morning found the heavens filled with dark and churning clouds
By church time it was raining hard and the wind was howling loud
     G                                        C              G
They still talk about the twister that missed Youngstown, Tennessee
                                      D7                    G
And the burned out tabernacle crushed beneath the giant oak tree
Repeat # 3
                                      C              G
The Youngstown congregation went and got Tom out of jail
They asked him if he had a vision but he wouldn't tell
    G                                C             G
Now if this legend has a lesson then I'll take the stand
                                   D7             G
That each man has a purpose in the Masters master plan
Repeat # 3 

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