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I'm No Hank Williams chords - Corey Smith

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                I'm No Hank Williams
By Corey Smith

Capo 1

C  Am  F  G  twice

        C           Am   F              G 
I got a foot in the door and one in the rain
    C               Am           F           G 
I’m standing on the threshold of fortune and fame
C        Am                F             G 
Out on a limb, I took that great leap of faith
     C               Am         F          G          
Oh I might crash and burn but I might fly away
    C    Am           F              G 
Who knows, there’s no telling what tomorrow holds

      C           Am         F            G 
And I ain’t got a clue how I made it this far
       C           Am           F          G 
With a few country songs on an acoustic guitar
C                 Am              F         G 
I ain't that good looking and I’m painfully shy
        C               Am                 F        G 
I'm not cut out for the spotlight, just an ordinary guy
    C    Am       F             G    F
Who sings about a little bit of everything

F               C       F                    C
And I’m no Hank Williams but I’m feeling his pain
F               C       Bb                Am          G
Strung out on a highway somewhere between comfort and shame
                               C Am  F           G           C  Am  F  G
Oh and its getting hard to see,      its getting hard to see

I ain’t got a new car, no mansion on a hill
Just a three bedroom house and whole bunch of bills
Its hard to get rich when everyone wants a cut
And all the family and friends they keep hitting you up
For cash … aww, the money burns too fast

My wife’s worried sick, afraid that I won’t be true
She’s seen all the movies, know what the highway can do
But I made a promise, praying my soul to keep
So that my little boy won’t be ashamed of me one day
Lord, keep these pretty girls away

Well I’m no Hank Williams but I’m feeling his pain
Stretched out in a back seat, a good man driven to drink
Oh and its getting hard to see

F          C      Bb                  F  
All That I Wanted was my chance to provide
Dm             C   Bb                         G  
A song for the ages to leave some good work behind

I’m no role model, I’ve got more problems than most
Some have called me a genius, but hell I ain’t even close
A head full of questions, fumbling and stumbling around
Hell I couldn’t even tell you where I’ll be a few months from now
And I’m scared cause I’m no where near prepared

But I’ve got a foot in the door and one in the rain
I'm standing on the threshold of fortune and fame
I’ve got no way of knowing how its gonna end
I could be shut in or shut out, I guess it all depends on you
Well they think I’m cool

But I’m no Hank Williams
No I’m no Hank Williams
But I’m feeling his pain 

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