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Let Me Love You On A Backroad (the Roadhead Song) chords - Corey Smith

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                Corey Smith Let Me Love You On A Backroad

Let Me Love You on a Backroad

Ive Been Down this road before it's like the backside of my hand
and there ain't nothin over here but cow pasture and timberland
dontcha worry baby ill take it nice and slow ill keep a tight grip
on the steering wheel and my eyes on the road
just this one time, honey i wont ask again
this will be our little secret i wont tell a soul and if i see
somebody cummin' ill be sure to let you know
everybody does it doncha be ashamed, we'll still make the move
we'll just be a little late

Bm                     G
Let Me Love you on a Backroad
Bm                    A
Let's Make a Reckless memory
Bm                               G
There aint a house within 10 miles here no
Bm                 A
So nobody's gonna see
A                                                                        D
Take your seatbelt off climb on over here girl leave the drivin up to me

If we get too hot and heavy theres a place where we can go
down this worn out huntin' trail a half mile up the road
and we might not make it back there in this little 2 wheel drive
judgin by the way you kissin me is that at least worth the try
ill turn this mustang into an F250 4 by 4
and if they catch us back there we will probably go to jail
but ill clear out my bank account and gladly pay the bail
and i promise ill still love you maybe even more
i wont think bad about you girl i know your whoaaaa no


 D                 D          D          D
im rock hard your so hot i think im turnin blue

D                    D                     D
come on baby please you know id do the same for you


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