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Leaving An Angel chords - Corey Smith

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                G                              D     D/F#
Girl I hate to hang out out to dry
G                                D     D/F#
With a bleeding heart and broken home
G                                  D   
But I dropped this line to say goodbye
                       A                           G 
You should have saw it comin, guess I was born for running 

G                           D 
And I can't pay the debts I owe
G                             D
There's many a man lookin for me
G                           D
I keep a pistol under my pillow 
              A                                 G
Feel I'm goin crazy, I've been good for nothing lately

       D        G                D          A
Oh and when I'm gone, I hope you mention my name
                 G             D
I hope you care about the man
          G              D
After you Place the Blame
        D             G
Let our years turn to gold
          D       A             G      D                   G       D 
And never wither away and be forgotten, I don't wanna be forgotten 

Tell our boys that I'm real proud
I watched 'em grow up tough as nails
And there'll be no cryin allowed
They'll know what to do, I'm sure they'll take good care of you

Kiss my baby girl goodbye
I'm sure she'll miss me most of all
I can't bare the thought of the tears she'll cry
She's so sweet and tender, Lord I pray she will remember


G             A                                        D 
I'm takin the pick up truck but I left a little bit of money
G                      A                                 D
No it Ain't to much but It'll get you through the month ahead
G                               A                         D
I left my Browning rifle and the old guitar my daddy gave me
G                            Em                          A
Put 'em up and pass 'em down, yeah they're all I have to give
A                                                   G
And maybe one day you can give 'em to my grandkids 

I know its been hard lovin me
You've taken the scars and worn 'em well
And you'd starve yourself to feed this family
I'm sick and shameful, I'm leavin an angel

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