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Blue Virginia Blues chords by Larry Sparks

Larry Sparks Chords

Have you ever been to Richmond in November
         E 	  	  	       F
When the cold Virginia rain is comin' down
Friend, I'm here to tell you it's no pleasure
 	    G              D               G    G7
If you're all alone and a stranger to the town
Don't take me wrong, I do like East Virginia
    E                            F
And Richmond's full of hospitality
Except for one Virginia girl I know of
      G              G7               C
That made a perfect love wreck out of me

F       G      C
Blue Virginia blues
F 	  	  	   C           G
There ain't no blue like blue Virginia blues
F 	  	  	 C
There's no girls in the whole wide world
     G                     F
Can break your heart like Virginia girls
                         G             C
There ain't no blue like blue Virginia blues

She called me up in St Paul, Minnesota

Said I need you in Richmond right away

Take the bus and I'll meet you at the station

Bring some clothes, I might want you to stay

My bus pulled in the station late this evening

There ain't a soul around this place but me

She must have changed her mind or she's forgotten

And her name ain't in the phone directory


I wish I had the money for a taxi

A warm and cosy place to lay me down

Instead of standing all alone in Richmond

While the cold Virginia rain is coming down


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