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City Folks Call Us Poor chords - Larry Sparks

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                City Folks Call Us Poor: Larry Sparks
Album: 40

Capo 3rd Fret

Intro: Follow pattern of first two lines*

*(G) Moonlight shining (B7) on the grassy (C) meadow
*(G) Looks like diamonds (D) shining in the (G) night
Whippoorwills (B7) singing in the (C) white oak
(G) Coon dogs barkin' (D) in the bright moon-(G)-light

(C) Honeysuckle smells just like (G) sweet perfume
(C) Old dogs lyin' over by the (G) door
(C) Watermelon rinds momma (G) puts up in a jar
And the city folks, (C) they call us (G) poor

Instrumental: Follow pattern of any verse

(G) Singin' Rock Of (B7) Ages on the (C) front porch
(G) Watchin' fireflies (D) light up the mountain (G) dew
Listenin' to Bill Mon-(B7)-roe on the (C) Opry
(G) Singin' somethin' (D) 'bout his Uncle (G) Penn

Repeat Chorus

Instrumental: Follow pattern of any verse

(G) God he paints a (B7) picture in the (C) evenin' sky
(G) Blue and purple, (D) orange and shades of (G) red
He knows we can't af-(B7)-ford no fancy (C) paintings
So (G) we look at the (D) real thing in-(G)-stead

Repeat Chorus

Oh, the city folk, (C) they call us (G) poor

Instrumental ending: Follow same pattern as Intro*

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