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Colleen Malone chords - Larry Sparks

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                Colleen Malone: Larry Sparks
Album: Special Delivery

Capo 3rd Fret

Please Note: The intro follows the pattern of the first two lines, except the
last two chords are reversed in the second line. I have put in how it would be
with words. If you have the recording you will hear it. This is a great
bluegrass song where Larry Sparks flat-picks the first two lines of the
instrumental. He has a unique style that really makes the acoustic guitar
sound as it should, without fancy electronic adjustments.

If you can't find this recording, contact me at and I'll be glad
to send you the MP3.

Intro: (Keep in mind the words are just to set the pattern. On the recording,
instruments are playing)
(A) It's been ten years and (D) three since I (A) first went to sea
And I (D) sailed from old (E) Ireland and (A) home

(A) It's been ten years and (D) three since I (A) first went to sea
And I (D) sailed from old (A) Ireland and (E) home
And  those (A) hills lush and (D) green were a (A) part of my dreams
When I (D) dreamed of my (E) Colleen Ma-(A)-lone

On the day I re-(D)-turned to my (A) sorrow I learned
That the (D) angels had (A) called her a-(E)-way
To a (A) grave on a (D) hill over-(A)-looking the mill
There's the (D) place where she's (E) sleeping to-(A)-day

As the (E) soft breezes blow through the (D) meadow I (A) go
Past the (D) mill with the (A) moss covered (E) stone
Up the pathway I climb through the (D) woods and the (A) vines
*To (D) be with my (E) Colleen Ma-(A)-lone

Instrumental  Follow pattern of first verse

(A) She was faithful each (D) day while I (A) sailed far away
There was (D) no one but (A) me that she (E) loved
I re-(A)-member those (D) eyes soft and (A) blue as the skies
And her (D) heart was as (E) pure as a (A) dove

For the rest of my (D) life I will (A) not take a wife
I will (D) live in this (A) valley a-(E)-lone
Planting (A) flowers a-(D)-round in the (A) soft gentle ground
That's (D) holding my (E) Colleen Ma-(A)-lone

Repeat Chorus


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