Casualty Of War chords - Larry Sparks

Larry Sparks Lyrics

            Larry Sparks: Casualty Of War
Album: The Last Suit You Wear

Intro: (D)//// //// //// ////

(D) Well he called her on the telephone two (G) weeks ago to-(D)-day ////
He said now don't you worry mom, I promise I'm o-(A)-kay //// (A7)////
(D) She tried hard to hide from him her (G) tears and all her (D) pain ////
But (G) he could read be-(D)-tween the lines and the (A7) miles so far a-(D)-way //// ////

(D) She had never tried to tell him, how she (G) hoped he would not (D) go ////
To join the fight for freedom, and the country he loved (A) so //// (A7)////
He (D) said I called to tell you, what I (G) knew you'd want to (D) know ////
That in (G) just two weeks, dear (A7) mom, I'm coming (D) home //// (D7)////

And she (G) could not believe the words, her (D) precious son did (D7) say ////
She had (G) dreamed of seeing him again, how it would (D) be (A7) only (D) days ////
And she (G) wondered how this day could be, a million times be-(D)-fore //// ////
Just to know her one and only son would be (A7) coming home from (D) war
//// //// //// //// //// ////

(D) Five days later she was home when a (G) knock came on her (D) door ////
And there she found two officers, in army uni-(A)-forms //// (A7)////
With their (D) heads bowed low, their hats in hands, she (G) knew what they would (D) say ////
I'm (G) sorry to in-(D)-form you, he was (A7) killed in war to-(D)-day //// //// (D) The neighbors came to see the cause for the (G) cry they heard that (D) day //// For a mother's life was shattered as the two men walked a-(A)-way //// (A7)//// And (D) no one could help her, as she (G) cried such bitter (D) tears //// She was (G) begging God to (D) give him back, the (A7) son she loved so (D) dear //// (D7)//// And she (G) could not believe the words, the (D) officers did say //// She had (G) dreamed to see her son again but hoped it'd (D) be (A7) not this (D) way //// She (G) wondered how this day could feel, a million times be-(D)-fore //// //// But she prayed they'd never bring him home, a (A7) casualty of (D) war //// //// //// //// /