Maple On The Hill chords - Ralph Stanley

Ralph Stanley Lyrics

Ralph Stanley    Maple On The Hill  written by Gussie Davis
Jim Lauderdale

G                                  C            G
In a quiet country village stood a Maple On The Hill
G                               D
Where I sat with my Geneva long ago
G                                           C                G
As the stars were shining brightly we could hear the whippoorwill
G                      D7           G
As we sat beneath that Maple On The Hill

Fiddle Solo

G                                           C                 G
We would sing love songs together while the birds had gone to rest
G                                      D
We would listen to the murmur o'er the hill
G                                      C                   G
Will you love me little darling as you did those starry nights
G                      D7           G
As we sat beneath that Maple On The Hill

guitar solo G C G Don't forget me, little darling when they lay me down to die G D Just one little wish, darling that I pray G C G As you linger there in sadness thinking darling, of the past G D7 G Lay your teardrops kiss the flowers on my grave banjo solo G C G I will soon be with the angels on that bright and peaceful shore G D Even now I hear them coming o'er the hill G C G So goodbye my little darling, it is time for us to part G D7 G I must leave you and that Maple On The Hill >From Jim Lauderdale & Ralph Stanley "I Feel Like Singing Today" Rebel Records 1999 Public Domain Ralph Stanley vocals/guitar Jim Lauderdale vocals/guitar Jack Cooke bass/baritone vocals James Alan Shelton lead guitar Ralph Stanley II guitar/baritone vocals Steve Sparkman banjo James Price fiddle/mandolin/vocals