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Here's To Lyin' chords - Doug Supernaw

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Doug Supernaw Sheet music
                HERE'S TO LYIN'
Doug Supernaw
10:36 AM 8/9/2004

Capo 3rd Fret (To Match Recording)

Intro: (D)  (C)  (G)  x 2

(D) Back in the same ol' (C) bar where they said good(G)bye
(D) Eleven years of lonely (A) bottled up inside
(D) Back in the same ol' (C) bar where her (G) world came to an end
When she (D) caught him with his lover and he (A) swore she was a friend
Now she (Bm) knows he's got a (A) wife and kids at (G) home
But that (D) didn't seem to stop him el(A)even years ago

  And she'd (G) love to be (A) lyin' in his (D) arms again
  (G) He says, "I'd (A) love to but I (D) can't"
  (G) She knows he's (A) lyin' and he'll (D) soon be (D/C#) giving (Bm) in
  Cause she's (Em) been on the other end 
  (G) So here's to (A) lying once a(D)gain (C) (G)

(D) Back in the same ol' (C) bar where they said good(G)bye
(D) A little age upon her face but (A) she still caught his eye
(D) Back in the same ol' (C) bar where he (G) learned his lesson well
How a (D) night or two of Heaven could turn (A) into a livin' Hell
Now he (Bm) tries to tell him(A)self he's stronger (G) now
But (D) lookin' in her eyes (A) he starts breakin' down

  And he'd (G) love to be (A) lyin' in her (D) arms again
  (G) She says, "I'd (A) love to but I (D) can't"
  (G) He knows she's (A) lyin' and she'll (D) soon be (D/C#) givin' (Bm) in
  Eleven (Em) years of lovin' him
  (G) So here's to (A) lyin' once a(D)gain (C) (G)
  Here's to lyin' once a(D)gain (C) (G)

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