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Reno 2 chords - Doug Supernaw

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This song has been previously submitted by 
I corrected a few errors in the chorus (a couple of B flats changed to D
minor, and there's no G minor).  I also tidied up the format a little (the
chord letters didn't line up correctly with the words on the original) and
added the outro.  If there are any other errors, feel free to e-mail me.
      - Darragh Egan

                    "Reno" - performed by Doug Supernaw

Written by Doug Supernaw, Kenny King, Allen Huff, Justin White, Tim Buckley,
Joe DeLeon, Don Crider (ASCAP).
>From the album "Red and Rio Grande" - 1992 BMG Music/BNA.
Transcribed by:
Submitted to COWPIE: 11/21/96; 10:48:16 PM
Edited by: Darragh Egan  May 14, 1997

F = 133211, C = X32010, Bb = x13331 or 688766, Dm = xx0231

INTRO:  |F    C   |Bb     |F   C   |Bb

         |F        C             |Bb            
Couldn't roll me a seven if they gave me loaded dice.
|F                C         |Bb          
I couldn't draw a hand if I sat here all night.
       |F         C               |Bb             
Scared money, bad whiskey;  there ain't no way to win.
|F             C                    |Bb                     |Bb
This ain't the first time, it's the way it's always been.

|F           Dm                |C
You know the lady's a lot like Reno;
|F              Bb                  |C
She ain't got a heart and she don't care when you're down.
|F            Dm            |C
Just like the lights of a casino,
|Bb                    |C
She'll pull you in and play with you a while
But there ain't no way to win,
  |Bb           C        |F   C   |Bb    |F   C   |Bb
I know, she's a lot like Reno

They're both out to break you, take everything you got.
When you finally win the hand there ain't nothin' in the pot.
A gamble that I'm takin' but either one I choose,
Lady or Reno, either way I lose.

[CHORUS twice]

OUTRO:          |F        C             |Bb                  |F\...
       Couldn't roll me a seven if they gave me loaded dice.

[ Outro is tagged onto end of final chorus, starting on the F chord 2 bars
after "Reno".  It's not an extra line of music. ]

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