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State Fair chords - Doug Supernaw

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Doug Supernaw CD
Doug Supernaw Sheet music
                State Fair by Doug Supernaw
This is my first attempt at submitting a song so there may be some mistakes
Listen to the Cd to get the timing right.
Capo 1
Intro: 	 D 	 Bm7 	 G 	 Asus   A

(D)Nine-teen hundered (Bm7)seventy three
(G)my second cousin (Em)calvin and (A)me
(D)We loaded down his (BM7)old blue green corvair(G) (Asus)and (A)headed to the (D)state fair.

Verse 2 
(D)Was mid October (Bm7)and the autum breeze 
(G)Shook the colors (Em)out of the (A)trees.
(D)Time was passing (Bm7)but who were we to care(G), 
(Asus)We were (A)headed to the (D)State Fair.

(G)And I remember Calvin (A)reaching underneath the dash
(G)and pulling out that pack of (A)cigarettes that he kept stashed.
(G)For half the morning we blew (D)smoke rings in the (Bm7)air like 
(C)two (G/B)big fat (A7sus)million(A7)aires.
Going to the (D)State Fair.

Verse 3 It happenend way out on route twenty-nine,
Some drunk driver came asross the yellow line.
Calvin's momma cried and his daddy sat and stared.
Life can sure be unfair.

Verse 4
It's been so long since that dark day 
I thought by now I'd have put the past away
But just this morning I found myself back there 
Going to the State Fair
(Back to Chorus) 

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