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Honky Tonkin' Fool chords - Doug Supernaw

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Doug Supernaw Sheet music
                [E] Red hung out at the point of tears
He was a [A] honky tonkin' [E] fool
Ever since they brought that jukebox here
Back in [B7] 1952

He was the [A] first to drop a [B7] nickel in
When he [E] danced with his first [A] wife
[E] By '61 his wife was gone
But that [B7] jukebox had [E] survived

It was three plays for a quarter
I turned [A] on enough to [E] go
Red showed me that ol' Wurlitzer
And said, [B7] "Son, I want you to know
If you [A] ever come up [B7] to be short
Just [E] kick it on the [A] side"
Would [E] you do this honky tonkin' fool
One [B7] favor when I [E] die

He said roll away my tombstone
Put this [A] jukebox in its [E] place
Then make damned sure 'Your Cheatin' Heart'
Is the [B7] only song it plays

I don't [A] need no stone with [B7] fancy words
This [E] jukebox would be [A] cool
As a [E] perfect final tribute.. to a [B7] honky tonkin' [E] fool

When we heard the news, me and Mr. Hughes
Put that [A] jukebox in my [E] truck
And I hauled it right down to the place
That ol' [B7] Red had hung it up

And, [A] I ran a short [B7] extension cord
From [E] the old caretaker's [A] shed
I [E] kicked the side, played 'Your Cheatin' Heart'
Looked [B7] down at Red and [E] said

Red I rolled away your tombstone
Put this [A] jukebox in its [E] place
And I made damned sure 'Your Cheatin' Heart'
Is [B7] the only song it plays

You’re [A] right about that [B7] tombstone, Red
This [E] jukebox sure is [A] cool
As a [E] perfect final tribute.. to a [B7] honky tonkin' [E] fool
It's the perfect final tribute.. to a [B7] honky tonkin' [E] fool

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