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Next Big Nothing chords

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            Capo 3rd Fret

      (A)                      A7  D
(Well) I'm a-gonna be the next big nothin'
A                        E
You won't see my name on MTV
A                       A7  D
I'm a gonna be the next big nothin'
A               E       A
No one knows my name in Tennessee

Verse 1
A                                    D
Once I thought that I would be a big star
A                        E
Makin' everybody look at me
A                         D
Drivin' to the bank in my big car
A            E       A
Looking at myself on TV

Repeat Chorus
Instrumental (Chorus Chords)

Mama said that I was gonna make it That I'd sing on that grand ol' opry Then I'd stick my hands in wet concrete But no one ever thought of askin' me Repeat Chorus D A E A I said you won't know my name in Tennessee

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