Please Be San Antone chords - Sunny Sweeney

Sunny Sweeney Lyrics

            Intro A D E D A (x2)

A                     D
Somebody's honey been away too long
E        D          A
Somebody waitin' at home
A                                D
Somebody's learnin' that they're not so strong
E             D        A 
Sittin' there dreamin' alone
A                                       D
Well nothin' seems to matter since it's been like this
E                D          A 
Nothin' seems to move me at all
A                                  D
My heart's about to shatter 'cause we last kissed
E               D       A
Hangin' on from call to call

           D         E
And hopin' please be San Antone
D         E
Please be on the phone
D         E                 A (Repeat Intro)
Send your love back home to me A D Anything you tell me's gonna be OK E D A Anyway the words wanna walk A D Any news is good news that I hear you say E A We could talk about the weather, talk about the dog A D Just enough to hear you take another breath E D A Just enough to soften the fall A D I'm gonna make my day untill the next sunset E D A Hold me back from climbin' the wall Repeat Chorus x2 except Send your love back home to me D E A (Repeat Intro) Send your love back home to me