Worn Out Heart chords - Sunny Sweeney

Sunny Sweeney Lyrics

            WORN OUT HEART
Sunny Sweeney
2011, Republic Nashville

Intro: (B) (A) (E) (B) x 2
(B) Candy and roses, (A) calling on the phone
Saying (E) hey babe I'm thinking about (B) you, just you
Telling all my friends they're (A) losing me again
(E) Break your little heart in (B) two
Bet you're (G#m) thinking if you're sweet e(F#)nough I'll just take you (C#) back
(NC) Wrong jack
 You (A) can't wear (E) down a (B) worn out heart
 Like you (A) can't mend a (E) ch(B)ain
 You (A) can't hang a (E) promise on a (B) burned out star
 So (A) quit coming around trying to (E) wear down a worn out (B) heart
Boy you had you're chance
Don't even try to dance 
Around the fact you done me wrong, so wrong
It's tearing you apart
Well bless your little heart
I put it in a country song
And at least I get a little something out of what we had
It's not bad Chorus If you (G#m) think I'm ever going (F#) down that road with you a(C#)gain (NC) Get bent (NC) Dead end Chorus Twice