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Staying's Worse Than Leaving chords - Sunny Sweeney

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Staying's Worse Than Leaving Sheet music
Staying's Worse Than Leaving (Single)
Written by Jay Clementi, Radney Foster & Sunny Sweeney
Recorded by Sunny Sweeney

(Capo on 4)

Intro.:   | (Em) | (C) | (G) | (D) | (Em) | (C) | (G) | (G) |

(Em) Leavin's (C)hard, (G)trust me, it's really (D/F#)bad
(Em) It'll shake ya, (C)damn near break ya, it (G)always has
You don't (Am)know until you're (G/B)prayin' to break (Cmal7)even
Until (Em)stay-(C)in's worse than (G)leavin'

(Em) God knows we (C)tried (G)everything that we could (D/F#)do
(Em) You can keep your (C)pride and blame me if (G)you need to
Even (Am)though this freedom (G/B)feels a lot like (Cmaj7)treason
I know (Em)stay-(C)in's worse than (G)leavin'

It's gotta get (C)better, it can't get worse
Hope it's a (Em)blessing not a curse
I don't (C)care who passes (G)judgement on my (D)reasons
I know (Em)stay-(C)in's worse than (G)leavin'

Inst.:   | (Em) | (C) | (G) | (D/F#) | (Em) | (C) | (G) | (G) |

Repeat Chorus

(Em) Both our (C)hearts let (G)go a long time a-(D/F#)go
(Em) Words leave (C)scars and Lord knows (G)they heal slow
Our love (Am)died, but somehow (G/B)we are both still (Cmaj7)breathin'
I just (Am)hope someday we'll (G/B)look back on this (Cmaj7)grievin'
And say (Em)stay-(C)in's worse than (G)leavin'
Yeah, that (Em)stay-(C)in's worse than (G)leavin' 
Yeah, that (Em)stay-(C)-in's (Em) (C) (G) worse than leavin' (Em) (C) (G) -----

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