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Dance The Night Away chords - Mavericks

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The Mavericks - Dance The Night Away - by Raul Malo

The song has a 4/4 tempo, with a "Mexican" (Mariachi) feeling.
Speed: 142 beats (35-36 bars) per minute.

The chord progression is quite simple:

   E      B7       (repeat ad infinitum)
|: //// | //// :|

The bass plays a simple 4/4 pattern, the rhythm guitar plays straight
8th (shimmy-shimmy-shimmy-shimmy). A second rhythm guitar hits every 2
and 4, and there is plenty of horn stuff.
Verse, Chorus and Bridge all have the same turnaround of 16 bars (i.e. 8
times the above pattern).

INTRO: 4 bars rhythm guitar alone, 
------ then 8 bars full rhythm section and horns

[E] Here comes my [B7] happiness a-[E]-gain, [B7] 
[E] Right back to [B7] where it should have [E] been. [B7] 
[E] 'Cause now she's [B7] gone and I am [E] free, [B7] 
[E] And she can't [B7] do a thing to [E] me. [B7] 

[E] I just wanna [B7] dance the night a-[E]-way [B7] 
[E] With Senho-[B7]-ritas who can [E] sway. [B7] 
[E] Right now to-[B7]-morrow's looking [E] bright, [B7] 
[E] Just like the [B7] sunny morning [E] light. [B7] 

And [E] if you should [B7] see her, [E] please let her [B7] know 
That I'm [E] well - [B7] as you can [E] tell. [B7] 
And [E] if she should [B7] tell you, that [E] she wants me [B7] back,
Tell her [E] "No" - [B7] I gotta [E] go. [B7] 

repeat CHORUS

1 instrumental turnaround (8 bars horn section, 8 bars guitar solo)

repeat BRIDGE

repeat CHORUS 2x

OUTRO: instrumental, 6 bars in progression, then:
           E          B7          E          Eadd2
       |: %... ../ | %... ../ :| %... ../ | %... / & |

       where the chords are played short (staccato) and pronounced

Table of symbols:

.      is a 8th note (chord)
/      is a 4th note (chord)
%      is a 8th rest
&      is a 4th rest
|      denotes a new bar
       (should be a vertical slash - hope it appears in your font)
|:  :| is a pair of repetition marks
       (whatever is between shall be repeated)

CD: Trampoline, MCA No. UMD 80456
(c)(p) 1998 MCA Records Nashville 
Transcribed by Rudolf Sachs 
With some help by the International Lyrics Server

Corrections welcome!

Linedancers: X-Out works pretty good !!!


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