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From Hell to Paradise chords - Mavericks

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                Intro (G)(C)(D) 4X

(G) For thirty years they (C) sang the song of (D) promised victory
(G) but who they?ve fought and (C) who has won didn?t (D) matter much to me
(G) well I see them driving (C) down the streets in their (D) fancy shiny cars
(G) crowds of people (C) to their feet and their (D) faces full of scars

(G) No pleasantries, no (C) luxuries and no (D) little children?s milk
(G) while minister?s wives (C) spent all their lives in (D) China?s finest silk
(G) well my back?s been broken (C) many times but my (D) spirit lingers on
(G) the day it comes my (C) way on freedom?s (D) ship I will be gone

(G) From hell to (C) para-(D)-dise
I?ll (G) always (C) pay the (D) price
(G) From hell to (C) para-(D)-dise
I?ll (G) always (C) pay the (D) price

Instrumental Break

(G) This 90 mile (C) trip has taken (D) 30 years to make
(G) they tried to keep (C) forever what was (D) never theirs to take
(G) well I cursed and scratched the (C) devils hand as he (D) stood in front of
(G) and one last drag from this (C) big cigar and he (D) finally set me free

Repeat Chorus 2X

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