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Hell To Paradise chords - Mavericks

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This is a fun tune by the Mavericks.  Blending in a mandolin makes a big
difference in
 how it sounds, enjoy.

Hell To Paradise         By: Mavericks

Intro [G][C][D] 4X

[G] For thirty years they [C] sang the song of [D] promised victory
[G] but who they?ve fought and [C] who has won didn?t [D] matter much to me
[G] well I see them driving [C] down the streets in their [D] fancy shiny cars
[G] crowds of people [C] to their feet and their [D] faces full of scars

[G] No pleasantries, no [C] luxuries and no [D] little children?s milk
[G] while minister?s wives [C] spent all their lives in [D] China?s finest silk
[G] well my back?s been broken [C] many times but my [D] spirit lingers on
[G] the day it comes my [C] way on freedom?s [D] ship I will be gone

[G] From hell to [C] para-[D]-dise
I?ll [G] always [C] pay the [D] price
[G] From hell to [C] para-[D]-dise
I?ll [G] always [C] pay the [D] price

Instrumental Break

[G] This 90 mile [C] trip has taken [D] 30 years to make
[G] they tried to keep [C] forever what was [D] never theirs to take
[G] well I cursed and scratched the [C] devils hand as he [D] stood in front of
[G] and one last drag from this [C] big cigar and he [D] finally set me free

Repeat Chorus 2X

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