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Every Little Thing About You chords

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            Capo 4

          G     Em    C                  G
Here in a minute, any work I got left to do
                 G      Em       C                    G
Aw man I'm gonna quit it, if the boss man wants me to stay any longer 
       G           Em                 C         G  
he can kiss it, goodbye 'Cause I gt a lot on my mind 
                     G     Em                     C       G
and I'm tryin' to forget it Yeah, right here in a minute 

             G     Em         C                 G
So here in a minute I'm gonna roll to the Quick Sak 
                    G      Em    C               G 
Maybe a scratch off ticket, if I get 'lil lucky, get some money in my pocket 
          G        Em            C                G
I'm gonna spend it on beer, yeah ice down the toolbox 
                       G        Em          C         G
And see how high I can fill it, yeah, right here in a minute 

          G             Em         
I'm gonna call everybody Tell' em all there's a party 
C G If you want it then you better come and get it G Em I'm gonna rock all night 'til I'm feelin' alright C G And the man in the moon get to grinnin' G Em I'm gonna have a big time cause you get one life C G So I'm gonna make sure that I live it G Em Cause you never know when you're gonna go C G It could all be all over in a minute So, here in a minute I'm gonna find me a field somewhere, We can wake up the cricket's yeah Throw some diesel on the fire and ee how high we can get it Get the guitars out and listen to them ol' boys pick it All night, right here in a minute Chorus Solo Bridge: G F Em In a minute gonna get a little loud, turn it up, burn it down F G Take a ride around, paint the whole dang town G F Em Here we go, countin' it down, 3, 2, 1... Chorus

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