That's Georgia tabs

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            Capo 4

Verse 1:
C                                       G
There’s a little piece of heaven that I know
C                                 G
Where the kudzu vines and peaches grow
C                         G                   C
They love their bull dogs and they love their Jesus
G                          C
And that man became a bond between us

Verse 2:
Lord they raise their daughter’s right down there
Makes me want to stay and breathe her air
She found the soft part underneath my tough
Made this ole country boy fall in love

That’s Georgia        
D                         G            C                                          
If there was ever someone made for me, that’s Georgia G D Dixie proud and honeysuckle sweet C G It’s in her roots, in her blood, in her name D G Stays on my mind like an old sweet song Em Strong as southern rain C Well that’s Georgia for ya Verse 3: She’s hotter than that sun down in Savannah Hair pulled back in a red and black bandana, GO DAWGS! Got her blue jeans rolled up to her knees Slinging sand with the top down on her jeep Chorus:

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