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Angels Like Her chords - Trent Tomlinson

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                CAPO II

INTRO: Esus2  E  Esus4  E (2x)

    E                              E7                       A
The sunbeam hit the Jim Beam and ricocheted off a bottle of Coke
    B7                                                 Esus2  E  Esus4  E
Cut thru the still smolderin' second hand night before smoke
    E                          E7                      A
The whiskey's half empty, half in me, my enemy, and my friend
          B7                                             E
Well last night drowned my sorrow, but today is tomorrow again

         A           D          A                      E
When you fall for an angel like her, you're walkin' on clouds
A              D              A                     B    B/C#  B  B/C#
When you're in love you're so up you forget to look down
    E                     E7                     A   A/G#  A  A/G#
The higher and higher she took me, the further I fell
         B7                                                 E
And it's angels like her that send guys like me straight to hell


          E                           E7                           A
There's a ring on her forehead on the picture where the bottle sat last night
         B7                                              Esus2  E  Esus4  E
It might look like a halo but I know it's a trick of the light
          E                       E7               A
Oooh that smile on her face has a way to fool any old fool
         B7                                                  E
Yeah she came straight from Heaven, but I know the devil did too


         E                     E7                     A   A/G#  A  A/G#
Yeah the higher and higher she took me, the further I fell
And it's angels like her that send guys like me straight to hell


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